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Recooperating at my parents' place in the middle of nowhere Michigan

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"In recognition of the tenth anniversary of her label, Véronique Branquinho will be the subject of a major retrospective at the Fashion Museum of the Province of Antwerp (MoMu) in her native Belgium. "Moi, Véronique Branquinho, Toute Nue," will run from March 12 to August 17. But despite the title, the elegant designer won't be displayed in the buff. Instead, she's invited the Blitz collective--writer Oscar van den Boogaard, actor Steven Van Watermeulen, and Sven Grooten of B-architects--to help her curate the exhibition with her amassed collection of personal memorabilia..."
Véronique Branquinho's Birthday Suit - Fashion Week Daily
(photos via aShadedViewOnFashion)

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Best of Paris F/W 08


Fast & Louche

..."Lou: on the one hand, she is a daughter of cultural aristocracy; on the other, her very existence symbolises the end of one of France's great love affairs..."
Fast & Louche - Guardian UK

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Auden & America

"America seems to have been irresistible to the young Auden. It not only offered a fresh start, but afforded him the chance to grow in new ways. In a sense, he was sailing away from the predictably public figure he had become toward some undiscovered destination within himself. America encouraged the introvert in him, he wrote, adding — amazingly enough — that "all Americans are introverts." The Auden who arrived on these shores was in certain respects as clueless as Columbus..."
Auden & America - The New York Sun

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