Monday, October 8, 2007


Su Blackwell's Book-Cut Sculptures

The Beginning of SomethingAlice - A Mad Tea Party (2006)
The Extasie (2006)
"I undergo repetitive labour-intensive processes that often involve sewing, knotting, folding and cutting, intimate actions that reveal the hand at work. My methods of working are a meditative process, which can develop into an intrinsic type of ritual, whereby I take the familiar and by a matter of fact manner move it towards the fantastic."
Sue Blackwell

Thursday, October 4, 2007


My boyfriend introduced me the incredible, otherwordly, cacophonic melodies of Ooberman this evening. It blew my mind whilst nearly plunging me into panic mode.
Ooberman @ Myspace

Helena Hörstedt

"Helena Hörstedt is a Swedish design label. It was created after my graduation from Beckmans School of design, Stockholm, 2004. The label provides handmade garments with emphasis on structures and techniques, advanced details and classic tailoring. I think the genuine work and the handcrafted feeling gives an irreplaceable value to the garment. The trade of handcrafting is always one of the most important sources for both construction of and inspiration for my design.
I want my garment to be a fascinating visual experience as much as a usable. I want them to build a desire, continuously expand and to surprise the beholder."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Loic Prigent's 'Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton'

The North American premiere of Prigent's latest documentary on the rather elusive Marc Jacobs (never before had camera's been allowed in his showroom) showed yesterday at Facets Cinémathèque in Chicago. Being amidst socialites young and old was daunting (whopping stereotypes were abound) and Gillion Carrara's introduction was obnoxiously pendantic (again, stereotypical) nevertheless the documentary was well worth the price of admission.

"Director Loic Prigent has created an intimate, revealing portrait of the reclusive Marc Jacobs and the world of haute couture with the documentary, Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton. We see a genius at work, balancing unimaginable pressure to chart new paths in the universe of fashion as he straddles the demands of fashion conglomerate Louis Vuitton and his own New York-based Marc Jacobs label. Directed by Loic Prigent, France, 2007, 83 mins."

DVD available at Colette