Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Inspiration: Anna Karina

Agnes B. Fall 2007
Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville (1965)

A Blurb about Agnes B:
"Always passionate about film, she incorporated oversize movie posters into the original design of her SoHo store. These were what caught the eye of a teenage Harmony Korine as he whizzed by on his skateboard. Korine eventually teamed up with filmmaker Larry Clark to write Kids, and today Agnes and Korine are partners in a production company, O'Salvation. (Korine is currently shooting Mister Lonely in London, a film that stars Diego Luna, Samantha Morton and Anita Pallenberg.) Agnes recalls how she and Korine bonded in 1999: "I like people who dare to be fringe -- you know, who are not shy. I am shy. That might be why I admire people who are not."
'Mother of Reinvention' PaperMag

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