Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Heart Jennifer Pugh!

Despite some errr... iffy work with Eugenio Recuenco (a genuinely creepy genius); I just adore Jennifer Pugh! Plus she reminds me of Vanessa Paradis - j'adore!


stilettostetico said...

She's delighfully haughty, full of mischievous/sulfurous charm . . . and YES, very "Vanessa Paradis-esque" !!!!

miss a. said...

I love these editorials! She looks absolutely fantastic.

Nature Grafitti said...

she reminds me of the cheshire cat ... very unique, i can see her being a favorite to walk for gautlier or mcqueen

psalamndr said...

She is absolutely fantastic!! You can see more of her at
Also check out "She's got the look" at


psalamndr said...

she is fantastic !!! Check out the "She's got the look" entry at

Tons of pics at

Enjoy ! ! !

Rachela said...

I MISS MY JENNI!!!!!! Awesome pics- awesome girl!

Luv yas! ur 4ever sister

Anonymous said...

I love jennifer Pugh too!
Abbie Cornish is prettifull!


from Heidi in Australia.

SC said...