Friday, March 4, 2011

Note to Reader:

For one reason or another I've recently been inspired to live a more eco-friendly 'green' lifestyle. These choices will be manifested in the the foods I eat, the clothing I purchase, and the lifestyle I live. For that reason, the blog will be taking a slightly different direction in that I will be posting healthy recipes, sustainable clothing lines and general tips for 'green' living.

It should be noted, however, that despite the new direction, this blog will maintain a focus on aesthetics. I refuse to exclusively post on green issues because: 1- It's, sadly, limited and boring. 2- I believe in taking inspiration from everywhere. 3- Wearing designer clothing, if consignment/resale/ebay, is far greener than purchasing a brand new organic cotton wardrobe! All 'green' posts will be labeled as such (to denote a 'green' designer for example). So I encourage you all to scout your local CSA, scout Ebay, scout vintage stores, and check out this amazing designer consignment shop I found via Cherry Blossom Girl.

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